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Welcome to the XYMASE Innovation Factory website


The Rampaging Entrepreneurs


Fox That Grins e-publishing consultants

Oasis Serah feline organic treats

Albermarle Applied Research Group heuristic sociodynamics


Fenris Brothers book publishing

tome: Mantis readables used & unusual bookseller

Ravenscroft Literary Development editorial & writing services

Standing Wave sound studio

The Onion Farm script & fiction development

Rural Renaissance economic upsurge planning

OverRide tools for law-enforcement

Hazard ergonomic graphics & Web

Our mission: to become exceedingly wealthy in a few short years, without screwing other people over, by doing what we love to do & helping others along the way.

A few words introducing XYMASE

XYMASE is an innovation factory. We are a coalition of small & fledgeling businesses, joining to share project opportunities, resources (physical & intellectual), and cross-industry contacts. What we do is as diverse as the list you see on the left.

This project was coming together before the 21st century began with the "dot-bomb" collapse of air-filled, product-free "companies"—an event predicted, oddly enough, by our Albermarle associates. Even before the world at large witnessed the all-too-logical outcome, XYMASE was striving to construct a framework that would not only surpass such lunacy, but would circumvent its occurrence internally & among its associated enterprises & the individuals within them.

Our main center of operations is in Santa Fe, in the state of New Mexico. Membership as of August 2003 also includes businesses in Minnesota (the Twin Cities) & Oregon (Eugene).

As with the growing agglomeration of small businesses we comprise, XYMASE continues to grow into its stride. We're looking forward to the future.

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Commentary, 01 October 2005 – The only real surprise thus far is that the United States has not fallen into a spiraling recession. Housing sales are at record highs, yet the owner-occupied portion is stale, since so many people are "flipping" them to each other, driving prices ever higher in a bizarre game of musical chairs. When the music stops, there'll be many overextended "investors" who will lose even more as prices drop. Worse, misapplication of Sarbanes-Oxley has left many lenders without reserves to cover the paper. If you hold equity in property, & own (or can start) a real business, talk to a reputable CPA about the benefits of refinancing with a 30- (or even 40-) year mortgage & putting the cash to work – it'll be a long time before you can get working capital so cheaply.

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Here we are! All flash & no bang? All smoke & no fire? All sizzle & no steak? All analogy & no… steak? The XYMASE associates are having fun, learning, & making money. They might argue that it's all win/win. Learn why.

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