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Welcome to the XYMASE Innovation Factory website


The Rampaging Entrepreneurs


Fox That Grins e-publishing consultants

Oasis Serah feline organic treats

Albermarle Applied Research Group heuristic sociodynamics


Fenris Brothers book publishing

tome: Mantis readables used & unusual bookseller

Ravenscroft Literary Development editorial & writing services

Standing Wave sound studio

The Onion Farm script & fiction development

Rural Renaissance economic upsurge planning

OverRide tools for law-enforcement

Hazard ergonomic graphics & Web

Why XYMASE Exists

The XYMASE site brings together a range of interconnected microbusinesses, in what has variously been called a virtual incubator, an innovation factory, an idea hatchery, and a strategic alliance.

There's nothing really radical going on here. As one of our associates put it, "I feel like I'm building the tools I need to build the tools, and so on, until I can finally start on what interests me. Then I find that it all interests me, and it's all got value to some market."

What sets us apart is our intent to innovate: ideas are always welcome, and traded in relative freedom. A non-expert can ask why something isn't being done, or isn't being done in a certain way, and thus seed new thoughts with those who know the particular field. Conversely, experts have ready access to the opinions of less-biased observers, and can obtain insight beyond the borders of their own knowledge & experience.

The businesses comprised by XYMASE range from established & profitable companies down to pre-startup concepts that are not yet ready to leave the drawing board. Some of the latter, though years away from realisation, have already benefitted their elder siblings. Terms that could apply: innovation; synergy; generalist thinking.

As an entity, we are built around a fine sense of social responsibility.

Admittedly, there is a high degree of stubborn pragmatism in this outlook. While none of us as individuals would pass up our chance to personally make a few million dollars' profit, we cannot see where there's any place in a business model for outright rapaciousness. Even if we were to manage to be so wealthy as to be forever free from want, we are entrepreneurs. As well, we want to do our part to ensure that the world has a plentiful supply of healthy consumers – ourselves included. Therefore, we believe in taking responsibility for our varied roles in the physical environment.

We are always interested in meeting people who would like to connect with XYMASE or one of its subgroups. Tell us where you fit in:

  • You have your own startup microbusiness, or an idea that might lead that direction, & would like to join forces.
  • You are interested in advertising with the XYMASE partners.
  • You want to intern for or join a XYMASE venture.
  • You want to learn more about investment opportunities.
  • You would like to franchise a concept for your own territory.
  • You are interested in purchase potential of one of the enterprises.

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