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Articles by XYMASE Associates


The philosophy of entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurship of philosophy, & sundry examinations of possible futures.

My Life as a Techonology Loser— Also known as “The Confessions of a WebBozo.” An object lesson in following your curiosity. One entrepreneur's costly experiences of too much respect for Authority. (Anthony Ravenscroft, RLDG)

Business, Technology, & Linguistics — Economic development programs can be the friend of the entrepreneur – if you have the right mission statement. Maybe the problem is with the program's assumptions. (Fred Hamilton, Rural Renaissance)

Reconstructing Time — Thus far, our efforts at lobbying for the 40-hour day have encountered a surprising degree of opposition. In the meantime, maybe we all have to re-think what we can change. (K. Walter Uilleach, Albermarle)

The Present-Day Future of Book Marketing — As the Internet continues to affect business & daily life, the publishing industry girds to bring its distribution philosophy out of the 19th century. (Thom Matthesson, Fenris Bros.)

Learn a little about where we began to go terribly, terribly wrong – look into our Ur-Archives.

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