Literary Development Group

RLDG builds books.

Depending upon the needs of our clients, we provide:

  • line editing (spelling, punctuation, clarity)
  • copy editing (particularly legal concerns)
  • usage continuity throughout a text
  • literary continuity
  • audience targeting
  • overall manuscript structure
  • character dialogue differentiation
  • extensive revision & text from complete notes
  • layout typography
  • graphical & tabular constructs
  • press-ready files

We are not a publisher, nor do we offer to bring manuscripts to the attention of publishers or literary agents. The services of RLDG greatly increase the saleability of a typical manuscript.

Writers write. Editors edit.

Whether a struggling artist, or a corporate manager, many people believe that it is the writer who must shape text to its final form.

This is wrong.

In a limited sense, when communicating with one or two close associates or family members, the writer is the individual best suited to shape writing to an audience. The larger & more diverse that intended audience, the more vital it becomes that the final shaping be turned over to another observer. That is why you need an editor.

Fees & services with RLDG

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