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our 2004 product line


She was a sleek but no-nonsense cat, enjoying the simple things of life. For her, we have coarse-cut 100% organic catnip. This texture is excellent for many refillable toys, or in making your own.


For just a touch of relaxation during a busy day, Kamala likes this finely powdered catnip. Since it's so fine, you probably don't want to use it on smooth surfaces, but it is excellent for rubbing into a favorite rug or scratching pole. Use sparingly — a little goes a long way.


Having grown up enoying the better things of life, Winston liked a little variety. For him, we created this blend of catnip & a few "scent enhancing" herbs.


A big, rough-&-tumble guy, Ouja enjoys a richly scented blend of catnip & other organic herbs. This blend is extra-smelly, & its musky aroma may be offensive to some humans — but cats love it.


A devotee of catnip in any form, Tugger (or "Lumpy" to his friends) would have liked this. Not as strong as Ouja's Blend, & with the smell balanced by a flowery tone that helps to repel fleas & ticks. Some cats dislike the sweetness, but most don't seem to notice.



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